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Our Technology Financing Solutions are targeted at helping:

Vendors specializing in:

  • Software
  • Technology Hardware
  • Logistics Equipment
  • Specialized Equipment

Why Juno?

  • Customers benefit from Juno’s expertise in providing customized solutions designed to optimize internal and external financial objectives.
  • Whether you are a publicly funded or private commercial entity, Juno has the expertise to provide an integrated solution that includes financing.
  • The Juno team creates solutions that focus on meeting customer constraints for capital and operating budgets.
  • Juno actively helps customers balance the needs of IT professionals and the C-Suite Team who are trying to match the benefits and costs. A thoughtful, well-structured finance structure for any Technology project can minimize risk to all stakeholders.
  • Help your next Technology project maximize its ROI with a well-thought-out financial solution from Juno.

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