Clean Energy

Our Clean Energy Financing Solutions
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Our Clean Energy Financing Solutions are targeted at helping:

Vendors specializing in:

  • LED lighting fixtures
  • Combined Heat and Power
  • Solar Projects
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions
  • Smart HVAC solutions
  • Energy Storage Solutions
  • Building Energy Retrofit
  • Utility Meter Units (i.e. condominiums)

Why Juno?

  • Juno’s framework includes a financial and obligor risk analysis paired with the impact of the technological contribution to both suppliers and end-user customers. This approach customizes a financial solution to optimize the financial and environmental benefits of each project.
  • Increasing the use of Clean Energy financing solutions requires a financial partner that is dedicated to understanding unique challenges in this emerging market.
  • Juno optimizes the ROI on innovation through their commitment to helping each project access the capital necessary for successful completion.
  • Juno passionately believes the planet benefits when more Clean Energy projects are realized and completed.

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